Nisi Bennett

Becky Dinnin Board, Partners

A mom to five, national speaker, serial entrepreneur, public health nurse, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and philanthropist.

Leslie Palmer

Becky Dinnin Board, Partners

After decades of for-profit and nonprofit experience, Leslie has decided to strike out on her own, intending to share her expertise with the community, partner with other strong practitioners and help grow the capacity and success of the nonprofit community near and far.

Arlene Siller

Becky Dinnin Board, Partners

Dr. Arlene Siller loves to move money; a grant writing, fundraising expert, Arlene started her grant writing career over 27 years ago securing $49M in funding and reviewing grants in the scientific and biomedical research sectors.

Jennifer Moriarty

Becky Dinnin Partners

Jennifer is the founder of the Moriarty Consulting Group. She is unique in the facilitation and consulting community due to her more than three decades in corporate and non-profit finance roles, coupled with extensive involvement in the local community.

Becky Dinnin, Executive Director

Becky Dinnin Partners, Staff

If you want to extend your impact in our community, Becky Bridges Dinnin wants to connect you to tools, ideas and networks that expand your impact dramatically. Dinnin is the Executive Director of Social Venture Partners San Antonio, a network of business and community leaders, innovative do-gooders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who are providing their expertise and capacity building expertise to more than 125 nonprofits.

Beth Scantland Eadie

Billy Cox Board, Partners

Beth Scantland Eadie is a Design Consultant, Furniture Refurbisher and Home Conceptual Design Creator. She is the daughter of Philanthropists Nancy and Lou Scantland. She majored in Communications while attending Pepperdine University and Abilene Christian University.

Alec Miller

Billy Cox Board, Partners

Dr. Alexander “Alec” Miller brings decades of experience in academics and psychiatry involving design, implementation, and evaluation of treatment programs in community mental health centers at the county, state, and national levels.