Lora Idol, Program Administrator

Becky Dinnin Staff

Lora Idol has over 15 years of administrative experience with hands-on involvement with non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders. Lora currently serves as the Executive Administrative Assistant to Founder and CEO Inga Cotton of San Antonio Charter Moms. She also works as Administrative Assistant to Becky Dinnin at Social Venture Partners San Antonio.

Becky Dinnin, Executive Director

Becky Dinnin Partners, Staff

If you want to extend your impact in our community, Becky Bridges Dinnin wants to connect you to tools, ideas and networks that expand your impact dramatically. Dinnin is the Executive Director of Social Venture Partners San Antonio, a network of business and community leaders, innovative do-gooders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who are providing their expertise and capacity building expertise to more than 125 nonprofits.