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Let's face it. Most nonprofits do not have nearly enough staff to get everything done that they envision. There is always more need. This is why Social Venture Partners put together a funding collaborative to connect local nonprofits to our partners and volunteers around the world to help with increasing staff capacity. More than 100 nonprofits each year are sponsored with subscriptions to skilled volunteer tool called

If you are at a nonprofit that needs a few extra hands on deck, or if you are an expert that can help nonprofits with your skills on short term projects, check out the website and see where you can immediately plug in to make a difference today.

Measured impact from pro bono volunteers

Our investment each year in subscriptions for nonprofits to use this online portal for skilled volunteers has a 4.65 ROI. That's more than four and a half times the amount we donate for access. Each nonprofit that has a subscription can utilize the Catchafire portal for a year, unlimited projects, trainings, calls as they want for all staff, board and volunteers they sign up.

How it works:

1 subscription for the year = $1200

The nonprofit sets up their profile and requests volunteer applications for projects like translation, fundraising, website design, etc.

Professionals offer their time at no cost for projects.

Nonprofits select the best volunteer for their needs.

Each project is pre-planned and managed on the portal.

When complete, the projects are evaluated and data is reported.

The average value of each project is $3650.

So far this year, each nonprofit using the tool has gained $10,500 in value.


The Funders who make Catchafire possible: 

Catchafire funding cohort

Nonprofits get help with:

  • Translation
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Board Strategy Facilitation
  • Financial Policy Templates
  • Writing Job Descriptions
  • Social Media Calendars and Audits
  • Writing Content for Website, Emails and Thank You Notes
  • IT Training on software
  • Website Design
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising Letters, Campaign Strategy

Visit the SVPSA Catchafire site here.

Impact on a local nonprofit