How Skilled Volunteers Are Helping Nonprofits

Magdalena House Impact Story Jan 2023

Magdalena House is a shelter for women and their children fleeing domestic violence and trafficking. San Antonio happens to be one of the areas with the highest rate of trafficking in the nation. There is never enough time to do all that could be done. They needed more capacity.

Becca is Magdalena House’s Director of Program and Partnerships and is trying to figure out how to get materials developed for clients who only speak Spanish. Most of their materials are donor or volunteer focused – but they need Spanish for the women and children they serve. A translator for the materials would cost around $7,000. Money they don’t have.

Magdalena House received an annual sponsorship from SVPSA for access to – the online service to find professionals who volunteer their skills to nonprofits.

Becca filled out the online form in a few minutes and ‘posted’ a translation project in November. On January 10th, she had selected Marianne, a communications project manager who happens to be a Mexican American who grew up in California. She finished the project quickly.

It’s that simple. There are details of all of the projects that nonprofits are experiencing on our Impact Pages on our Catchafire page.

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